It is my sincere prayer and hope that after visiting our church website or perhaps our Face Book page you have found yourself here on our "Project: Launch" webpage sharing in the excitement for the vision and mission for "The Crossing At Cypress" church. We are committed to being faithful to the vision and mission God has put in our hearts for this church and we refuse to compromise from teaching the totality of God’s Word with conviction, compassion and without apology.

We sincerely believe that being faithful and obedient to the vision and purpose God has given us will result in a unique church ministry that will drive genuine change in the lives of both our congregation and our greater community.


We also know that great accomplishments do not occur without hard work, dedication and most importantly, the blessing of God’s hand directing it. While launching a church from its inception is a daunting task, at its heart is truly a work of passion, love and obedience from a community of supporters who share in the passion and excitement for this church launch.

Right now you may be thinking to yourself “I don’t know how or what I could possibly do to help launch a church”. If that’s how you feel I want to encourage you to know that there is actually a lot you can do to help make the launch of The Crossing a great success.















As demonstrated in Acts 2:44-47 God used individuals and their combined resources in community with one another to build the early church and He still continues to do so today. Whether you live in Cypress or perhaps across the globe from the Houston area, the impact you can make in the launching of “The Crossing At Cypress” is very real and tangible.

You can partner with us in building the foundation of "The Crossing" through your financial contribution. Every dollar of your donation is used exclusively for purchasing the necessary equipment required to facilitate our weekly worship services in a "mobile church" setup.

I would like to thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration to become a charter ministry partner in the launch of "The Crossing At Cypress" through your tax deductible financial donation.

God bless,

Stephen Matthews (Lead Pastor)